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  • 1 - What is the minimum amount to join?

    There is no stipulated value. You determine the value of the donation.

  • 2 - Is there the option of direct debit?

    Yes, but only for customers for  Brazil. To learn the necessary procedures, you must contact our Customer Service: (62) 3506 9800.

  • 3 - Where to pay the billet?

    Preferably in the lottery, but it can be done throughout the banking network in Brazil.

  • 4 - What is the due date?

    The date on the billet is the last business day of the month, but you can pay it on any day of your choice.

  • 5 - Is it safe to register on this website?

    Yes, our website is secure and has a system of data protection.

  • 6 - What are the other options for signing up?

    You can contact Afipe by letter or telephone: Children Association of the Eternal Father CEP 74001-970. PO Box 28. Goiânia – GO – Brazil. Phone: +55 (62) 3506-9800. The registration can also be done at the Sanctuary Basilica, in Trindade, Goiás, Brazil.

  • 7 - What is PayPal?

    PayPal is a system that allows the devotees to make their donations via credit card or bank account. It is ideal for those who live outside of Brazil and still want to be a part of this loving family. Here your information is completely secure.

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